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Paul Molina

Scenic Design, Carnegie Mellon University, he/him
Headshot_Paul Molina - Paul Molina.jpg

Paul Molina is an artist, designer, and visual explorer who loves and believes in the compound power of space, story, and theater on memory.

Born in El Salvador and raised in Houston, Texas, his spatial career started as a four-year-old kid who kept transforming his home furnishings into magically escapist pillow forts with the help of mosaic blankets, mismatched chairs, and glittering trinkets. This childhood memory and the makeshift environment that fostered them have informed his enthrallment and practice of narrative place-making in theater, film, and tv shows. 

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture from the University of Houston and is currently a 2024 MFA Candidate in Scenic Design at Carnegie Mellon University. 


Instagram: @paul_guacamole

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