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Vinita Gatne

Production Design, New York University, she/her
NYU_Vini3546 copy - Vinita Gatne.jpg

Vinita Gatne is an artist, researcher and designer who explores the spaces between aspiration and memory to bring forth stories that are otherwise disregarded by popular media. From her experience in urban studies with fishing & agricultural communities in Mumbai, Vinita developed an installation art practice which explores the ephemeral and multitude of narratives in an attempt to questions the gaze involved in recording practices. In 2016, she was awarded collaborative seed funding from the Wellcome Trust which explores the relationship between medicine and community lead charitable organizations in colonial Bombay. Some of the films she has worked on include ‘Micro Resistances’ by Marwa Arsanios & ‘One Emerging From A Point of View’ by Wu Tsang.


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